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I don't know if I love or hate the new update.
(Sync POV [It’s about time he gets some credit!!])

The fall air is chilly and crisp, wind ruffling my hair as I sit alone on the sidewalk bouncing a basketball.
There’s nothing to do today other than wait for 12:00 to roll around. So I took matters into my own hands and decided to spend the morning outside doing absolutely nothing productive whatsoever.
 Beside me a blue jay pecks up the remains of the quarter of a raisin bagel I took halfhearted nibbles at for breakfast.
 I stare out a the lifeless row of dormitory apartments, each looking exactly the same apart from an occasional flowerpot or two. It’s disgusting.
 There’s no unique qualities at all.
“Yo, Sync! What’s up, bro?”
I reluctantly turn to see whoever is behind me. It takes a couple seconds to process in my mind.
 It’s Lloyd.
He and I have been…relatively good friends since the end of Senior Year.
 “Oh, hey Lloyd.” I reply. “How’s your life been?”
I pat the sidewalk next to me and he sits down with a depressed sigh.
 “What’s the matter?”
It seems like this whole conversation is just me asking him semi-rhetorical questions.
“Can I talk to you about something?”
Lloyd asks with a weak smile.
 “Sure,” I say. “Go ahead.”
He sighs. “It’s about Zelos.”
I shake my head. “Yikes.”
“Yeah…” Lloyd slouches his shoulders. “You know the whole red-hair scandal going around? Well, Zelos’ been acting weird ever since Yuan’s death. He’s starting to make me think he’s the one who killed him…and then there’s Emil’s almost-death…I refuse to believe my best friend is involved with any of this, but…”
 Lloyd trails off and tosses a fistful of grass onto the walkway in frustration.
 “Hey, Zelos is your best friend, right?”
I say. “Yeah…” Lloyd sighs.
  “He trusts you, right?”
“Umm…I guess, yeah…”
 “He wouldn’t keep anything from you. If he really was the killer he’d probably have told you already, since you two have such a strong bond, anyway. Believe me.”
I pat him on the shoulder somewhat reassuringly.
  “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” he bites his lip. “But what if he’s not telling me because he think’s I’ll turn on him or something?”
 I hesitate for a moment before answering.
“He’s not,” I stay sternly. “Okay?”
  “…Oh, alright.” Lloyd smiles weakly. “Thanks, Sync. I’m glad we’re bros.”
 I laugh. “No problem.”
Lloyd stands up and kicks around the grass he threw a few minutes ago.
  “Well, I’d better be going. Uh, thanks, I guess, for the advice…”
“That’s what friends are for!” I wink.

After Lloyd ‘disappears mysteriously’ I check my phone.
 It’s 11:52 AM. Better start heading out.
Frogurt’s relatively far from the school.
  About 5 minutes.
Although on foot…I just don’t know.

I brush some dust off my shirt and head down the deserted walkway.

Everything is totally still, like time has stopped.
 Not a sound can be heard.
Even the wind is silent.
It’s slightly unnerving.
I pick up the pace, the soles of my shoes scraping against the cement.
The rows of dorms begin to separate leaving two huge Oak Trees, and a road lined with sidewalk on both sides.
 A chill runs through my spine and my stomach churns. I’m probably just hungry. Ignoring the sick feeling I continue walking, but this time slower so I don’t end up puking.

It’s probably been five minutes since I left by the time I can see some normal public buildings up ahead.
 And that’s when I trip on my shoe, which gets caught in a crack in the sidewalk, pulling me down with it. I land on my left arm and hear a loud snap.
 I whine and try to pull myself up but stop when I can feel something coming up my throat.
 Throwing up on a sidewalk is not really preferable, so I push the pain aside and squirm over to the grass.
 I’m so glad nobody’s around to see me. How mortifying.
Seconds after, I feel perfectly fine.
 Reluctantly, and, for some reason that I don’t know, I look down at it.
Just blood.
Something must be wrong with me.
I sigh and stand up with a shudder, glancing around me.
Then, as if nothing happened, I stuff my hands in my pockets and stroll down the sidewalk, whistling an old song I remember from when I was younger.
 The sick feeling stays away even as I round the corner to where the empty shops stand. It’s funny how there’s nobody here, but I guess it is relatively early.
 Frogurt is right in front of me. I can see Luke and the a few of the others through the window.
I put on the best imitation smile I can and rush in. A little bell clinks cheerily behind me as the door slams shut.
“Hey guys! What’s up?” I ask in a somewhat-sarcastic tone.
Ion grins back at me. “Gee, Sync, you’re in a good mood today. What’s got you so happy?”
I blink, unsure of what to say. “Ah…I guess I’m just hungry.”
 I feel like I threw a wet blanket on my introduction, but you can’t take back something once you’ve said it. Oh well!
Guy pats me on the back reassuringly. “Don’t worry, we all are.” he smiles. “We’re waiting on Jade and Saphir. I’m not surprised they’re late, really, but you just gotta deal with it.”
 I shrug. “Yeah.”

After we’re all settled down around a round white table in some freezing cold-to-the-touch chairs, awaiting they’re arrival, the sick feeling returns. I pray that I don’t fall prey to it again. After all, there’s nothing in my stomach to get rid of, so it would just be blood again.
I hate discussing this topic so much.
So much.
Suddenly the door swings open, hitting off the wall and making us all jump. Jade and Saphir are here, I tell myself with a sigh. Luke waves at them ecstatically.
 “Hey, dudes!!” he cheers. Asch whaps him upside the head with an empty paper yogurt cup.
“Morning everyone,” Jade grins, taking a seat next to Guy. “Guy, my old buddy! Let’s talk about Fomicry during the meeting, shall we?” he whispers. Guy nods enthusiastically and they brofist.
 “Ah, ah, ah. No. We’re here to discussing something important, not Fomicry. This is serious, you two!”
Natalia scolds them with her words. I sort of admire her for her ability to control others with speech.
 “Phwoo, it’s cold in here…” I shudder. Ion offers his scarf.
I shake my head no, but smile to show I appreciate it.
Secretly I’m too worried I’ll puke all over it. Haha.
My arm is still throbbing from falling on the sidewalk. I try my best to ignore it, but it’s driving me crazy.
Trying to keep my arm under the table I frantically massage it in an attempt to, I dunno, rub the pain away. Like that’ll help, but it’s worth a try. Plus it’s a distraction.
 “Come on everyone, let’s get some Frogurt!~”
Saphir yells to break the awkward silence that I fear I may have caused.

After a few minutes of careful, executive decisions, complicated selections, expensive orders, and total traffic, we finally reseat ourselves, this time with full cups of frozen yogurt.
 Mine is raspberry. I only got a little because, despite the gnawing hunger clawing at my insides, I still have that woozy, almost dizzy feeling.
Luke’s is, obviously, mango with a ton of chocolate sprinkles on top. He even added a little mochi for good luck.
Asch’s is vanilla with a bunch of candy I know he’d never eat lest it be a special occasion like today.
Jade and Saphir copied each other with chocolate and vanilla swirled, as well as cherries on top.
Natalia’s is a little mango and a little raspberry. I have a feeling she’s a major tropics person.
Tear’s is just plain old chocolate. It’s the same color as her hair and I have to laugh as I watch her pile butterscotch chips on top of her yogurt.
Guy’s is cookies and cream, which is basically chocolate, so I don’t see a difference, except he loaded it with every topping possible.
Anise partially copied him, excluding the mochi and Captain Crunch.
Ion, perfectly reserved as always, just stuck to one thing:
He literally used every flavor (in moderation of course) perfectly so he could fit each one into that little cup.
 I can’t stop giggling watching him race back and forth from mango to vanilla saying he ‘missed a spot’.

So by the time we’re all seated again, Luke is shoveling down his yogurt so fast Asch has to scold him, explaining how eating too fast can make you sick.
Even as we’re all sitting here having fun, something feels sad and empty inside.
I figure it’s because I haven’t eaten, so I dig in.

The conversations drag on about Yuan and redheads, Emil and a meadow of glass, guns, tPhones and skylights, Luke, Asch, and mango yogurt. And mochi.
 Pretty soon I’m licking my lips and wishing I had more yogurt to eat. I haven’t been really paying too much attention, either, so it nearly scares me half to death when Luke says:
“So Sync, did you read about Emil, too?”
I freeze. “Huh?” Then I blush. “Oh, yeah. The glass thing.”
The others laugh. “That’s the most vague description I’ve heard for this situation so far,” Guy snickers.
I shrug and give a small smile. “Yeah.”
  Thankfully I don’t feel sick anymore.
Must have just been a little anxiety attack or something.
“I’m just gonna come right out and say I am nervous as hell for the DNA test tomorrow.”
 Luke says, raising his hands in surrender.
“Why?” Tear asks. “You didn’t kill Yuan, so why worry?”
Asch sighs. “There’s always a chance the DNA could be mixed up or altered.”
 “Are you saying someone would purposely throw Luke under the bus like that??” Tear stands up in Luke’s defense, the little hairs on the back of her neck prickling with rage.
 “No, I’m saying anything is possible. I don’t think such a dreck who screams like a bitch would be able to commit murder, so why would anyone else think so?”
Asch replies in a smart-alec tone.
“Luke does not scream like a bitch!! If anyone does, it’s y-”
 Luke jumps out of his seat and puts one arm around the calm and orderly Asch, the other around a fuming, flailing Tear.
 “Ladies, please! You’re both very beautiful!” he says with a witty smile. We all laugh again. Except Natalia this time.
 “I am not a lady,” Asch snaps, but you can see the smile he’s trying to hide. Come on, it was funny.
Tear kisses Luke on the cheek. At least, it probably was meant for his cheek. Instead she ended up kissing his neck.
“You’re short, Tear!” Luke giggles, hugging her back.
Ion groans. “Not another sappy romance moment!!”
Anise wraps her arms around Guy. “There can be more than one ‘sappy romance moment’ if you want, Ion!” she says.
Guy pushes his chair back so far he almost hits the counter.
He shrieks. Giggling, I lay my head on the table, trying to control my laughter.
“Alright guys, let’s get back to business.” Natalia insists loudly, her fingers drumming the table.
 “Nat? Are you okay? You seem really uptight.”
Asch asks, grabbing her hand to stop the tapping.
Natalia pulls back.
“This is a serious situation and here we are, goofing around like a bunch of little kids!”
 We all stare at her for a minute.
 “Natalia, chill~!” Luke pats her on the head and she, taking a deep breath, lets go of her anxiety for the most part.
“Yeah, come on! We all need some comic relief every once and a while! We’re only human!” Anise grins and stops hugging poor Guy, who scoots farther away from her in his chair. Luke shudders. I guess he feels offended since he’s a replica and all. “But we should be staying on task at least,” Anise continues.
“Mm-hm,” Asch agrees. “So, back to the DNA test.”
    The color seems to drain from Luke’s face. “Y-yeah…” he sighs and says with a sour face.
 “I brought the list,” Tear pulls a small, slightly crumpled sheet of yellowing paper.
“Great! This’ll definitely help us out!” Ion cheers. He scrapes his bowl with a plastic spoon to get the last bit of yogurt.
 “What list?” I ask, licking my lips again.
“It’s a list of potential suspects based on all the information we already have.” Guy explains.
“So who, exactly, is on this here list?” Natalia asks.
 “Well, there’s Asbel, Zelos, Kratos, Luke, Asch-” Tear stops mid-sentence. “Hold on.”
She crosses of numerous peoples’ names, but the only two I recognize as students I know are Kratos and Asch.
 “I made this before the ‘Emil incident’, so I put the students with dark hair by accident.” Tear says.
 Anise chuckles to herself as Tear corrects her own mistakes.
 “Okay. Sorry about that.” She tucks her long brown hair behind her ears and we all crowd around her to get a good look at the paper. “So, starting over, we have…” Tear pauses again. “…Zelos and Luke. That’s it.”
 We all gasp in unison, as if it were a planned action. A few of us turn our attention towards Luke, who instantly begins flipping out.
 “I didn’t do it!! You guys should know! You always know when I’m lying!” Luke yells, clearly panicked. “Tell me, do I look like I’m hiding something??”
 He chews on his plastic spoon in between breaths.
“Easy there, buddy! We know you didn’t do anything wrong.” Guy pats him on the back and ruffles his long red hair. Luke pulls away and bites his lip, giving us all a stubborn glare.
 “So that leaves only one person.”
I say with a sigh.

  “Zelos Wilder.”

(Luke POV [Again? Really?])

That night, I toss and turn in bed, unable to get a single wink of sleep.
So many pessimistic thoughts are poking at me like a friend who wants your attention that you’re trying desperately to ignore.
What if, for some odd and totally ironic reason, the test gets screwed up and I end up (by mistake of course) being the one they want? The one who committed the crime but still didn’t in the first place?
 After countless minutes that seem like hours of worrying and anxiety, I throw off the bed covers in frustration and stomp downstairs, my long red and orange bangs covering my left eye.
 I don’t even know what I’m gonna do down here, maybe have some hot chocolate or something.
Figuring that’s not a half-bad idea, I drag out the cocoa mix and begin piling it into a tall red mug, filling up a separate cup of water and putting the latter into the microwave.
 The door slams shut and I wince.
I hope I didn’t (or if I haven’t, don’t) wake Asch, what with all the slamming, stomping, banging, clicking, and clanging noises I’ve made since I got up.
 Oh well.
In a matter of minutes the hot chocolate is done and generously steaming n front of me.
With a sigh I hop up onto the counter, cocoa in hand. I wait a few minutes for it to cool off so I can actually drink some.
 My eyes begin to close.
“Yo, dreck? What’re you doing down here?”
I jolt awake in an instant at the sound of Asch’s voice. “It sounds like I’m living next to a construction site!!”
 “Sorry…” I blush. “I can’t sleep, I was too busy worrying about tomorrow.”
 Asch steps into the dim light coming from a bulb overhead. His dark red hair is messy and his usually-spiky bangs have fallen over onto the middle of his forehead. For once, we look like the identical twins outsiders presume us to be.
  “I hope you realize it’s 1:20 in the morning,” Asch sighs, gesturing towards the clock over the stove, taking a seat at the kitchen table.
“Yeah,” I say, although I really had no idea how early it was.
  “Why are you worrying so much?” Asch says, “It’s not like you were the killer or anything! You have nothing to be upset over!”
 I take a small sip of my cocoa. “Well, that’s my problem…-”
“Don’t tell me you really are the one who took out Yuan??”
Asch jumps out of his chair and races over to me.
 “N-no! Not at all!!” I stutter. “N-never!!”
     “Luke,” Asch glares at me. I can tell he’s in disbelief. He never calls me Luke, and probably wouldn’t even if his life depended on it, either.
“Tell me the truth,”
   “I am!!” I snap. “That’s the whole truth whether you like it or not! I. Am. Totally. Innocent!!”
 “You’d better be.” Asch turns his back to me. I sigh.
“I am,” I insist.
 “Shut up already!! You just don’t know when to stop, do you, stupid replica??” Asch growls, refusing to look at me.
“Excuse me?” I yell back. “Last time I checked, we’re supposed to be getting along!”
 Asch turns around the moment I say, “You promised.”
“Sometimes we break promises.”
He says sternly. He walks over the counter, where I’m sitting with my hot chocolate that is now resting on the stovetop.
 “Why??” I ask, half-whining. “Why do you have to treat me like I don’t know as much as you?? What makes me so different from you? In fact, there’s hardly a difference about us! So get that straight!”
 “The difference between you and I,”
Asch holds a sharp knife to my neck and I gasp, my hand reflexively jerking upward, but I stop myself before I can smack his wrist. If I did that he might accidentally cut me.
“Is that you are my replica, and you stole everything from me, and you will never be as good as me, and that the world would have been a better place if you had never existed!!!”
  I expect him to cut deep into my neck.
Instead he removes the knife and slices across the side of my face. I wince.
 “It was you, wasn’t it.”
I mutter, my shoulders tense.
“What?” Asch pants.
“It was you. You killed Yuan. And you tried to kill Emil and Marta, but they got away too fast. And let me guess - you were going to try to kill me next, weren’t you?”
 I ask, grabbing his wrist where he holds the knife.
“Are you insane? Of course it wasn’t me!! My hair is dark-red, not light-red like yours!!”
 “It doesn’t matter what color your hair is.”
 “You just wanted to throw in a distraction to make them think it was me, didn’t you?”
 “I did not kill anyone. I do not intend to.”
Asch drops the knife and looks me dead in the eyes. It hit’s the floor with a loud, echoing clang.
  “And neither do you. It wasn’t me or you.”
“What are you getting at now, Asch?” I yell.
“Who did it?? Me? Or you??”
  We both freeze. I know it wasn’t me. I don’t want to believe it was Asch. I know it wasn’t Asch, either. But it could be. But it shouldn’t be. But it-
The front door begins to rattle, distracting the both of us.

 “Guys!! Let me in!! I know who the real killer is!!”
Asch and I exchange glances.
“Please!!! I know who he is because he’s after me!!!”
Tales of University: Chapter Three - Crossed
Chapter three! Victory daaaance!!
Chapter four is gonna be Syncalicious!
I'm so happy they went to Frogurt finally.

Enjoy it!
(Still Luke POV)
Day Three (Saturday!!)

(Tear342 has joined the chat)
Tear342: Hey Luke, Guy
ImaFonTechGuy: Hi .3.
DauntlessLukieCake: Heeeeey bruh
Tear342: Remember what we talked about with Sync yesterday, about Yuan?
ImaFonTechGuy: Ya
ImaFonTechGuy: About someone pushing him over the cliff
DauntlessLukieCake: But I thought
DauntlessLukieCake: Guys did I miss something? After I logged off last night??
(FonicallyAwkward has joined the chat)
Tear342: Ion do you know anything else about the cliff
Tear342: with Yuan, I mean
FonicallyAwkward: Like I said I know a little.
FonicallyAwkward: I heard someone got in a fight with him and they both fell over
DauntlessLukieCake: GUYS
Tear342: Ion? But there was only Yuan on the beach tho-?
FonicallyAwkward: I saw 2 people, I only recognized Yuan, remember??
DauntlessLukieCake: HEY YO GUYS??? DON’T IGNORE ME!!
ImaFonTechGuy: Let’s all meet somewhere and explain our findings to Luke
Tear342: Definitely not the beach xD
FonicallyAwkward: How about the library? It’s quiet~
DauntlessLukieCake: Ok
DauntlessLukieCake: Cya there
(DauntlessLukieCake has left the chat)

I stuff my tPhone into my coat pocket and head outside. The air is frigid and icy as the orange sky gives way to the sunset. My long red hair flops behind my back; hopefully it provides at least some warmth against the cold. I sprint up the marble stairs and into the school, flinging open doors and letting them slam behind me without a care.
Finally I get to the library where I see Ion, Tear, and Guy. They beat me here even though I ran the whole way. Sheesh. They’re gathered around a round wooden table in the very back-back of the room.
 I slowly approach them, silently.
“Lukie Cake’s here,” Tear smiles at me as I take my seat. I wink back in return.
 “Okay,” I huff, trying to diminish my blushing smile. “You guys got some major explaining to do.” Then seriousness returns.
 “Go on!” I urge half-heartedly.
Guy takes a deep breath in. “I’ll do the talking, I guess.” He sighs. “After class yesterday, Yuan - well, you know what happened. Remember?”
 I nod.
“Good. Just to recap, he was seen out by the cliff with someone, nobody really knows who. Witnesses say the two got in an argument that resulted in Yuan being thrown over the edge. That’s all we know so far.” Guy explains. “Just to spike your memory.”
  “You sound like a detective,” Ion giggles. Tear anxiously clears her throat.
 “Ion, you said you saw two people on the beach at the bottom of the cliff. Was there anything noticeable about the other person?” She asks. Ion pauses to think for a moment, and I can see the concentration in his eyes.
“He had red hair,” he stops and bites his lip, “And looked pretty unfamiliar.”
 “There has to be more,” Guy huffs impatiently.
“Perhaps I can be of assistance.”

We all swirl around to see on heck of a sissy-boy. He has long red hair and is wearing a pink hoodie with loose-fitting blue jeans.
 Zelos Wilder.
Leaning on the back of my chair with one arm, he flashes a perfect smile at Tear.
 “What do you want, Zelos?” I snort, rolling my eyes.
“I was just passing by and couldn’t help but notice the confused looks on your sweet faces~!”
 Zelos grins. I begin to feel overprotective of Tear for some odd reason. And a little nauseous.
  “So, what seems to be the matter?”
We all sigh.
   “Did you hear about the ‘Yuan Incident’?” I lower my voice as I speak to keep any other uninvited conversationalists out of our way, and also for dramatic effect, I guess. “The one that happened last night?”
 Zelos nods solemnly, but the stupid, enthusiastic twinkle in his eyes still stays put. “I should know, we are from the same division, after all. Symphonia.” He smiles evil-like.
 “If you want, I can give you some input. I was on my way home from Student Council when I saw it happen, right in front of my eyes.”
 Zelos winces and rubs his shoulder blade as we stare (and blink) at him in surprise. “You’re hurt,” Ion whines, shivering from the full-power air conditioner behind him.
 “It’s nothing,” Zelos winks, “Just a simple little battle scar, that’s all.”
“So you claim you were there when Yuan was killed,”
I sneer unbelievingly, just to change the subject.
 “I was nearby and got a little bit of info down.” Zelos says secretively. “Whoever attacked him must have had a real bone to pick.”
  “Could it be Kratos?” Ion pipes up with a smile.
“Kratos?” Guy echoes. “Why would he kill Yuan? I mean, they’re relatively good friends…I think,”
 “I dunno. I was going by the ‘red hair’ thing.” Ion shrugs.
Tear and I both look out the library window.
   “It’s getting late out and are talking hasn’t amounted to anything useful,” She sighs.
“Zelos, explain more, if you would.”
Guy stretches his arms and says
“I’ll tell you everything I know.” Zelos grins.

He explains that Yuan got in a fight with someone in the hallway (I was there, I should know) who threatened him to meet him/her/it by the cliff so they could ‘talk’. In the end, the student got in another fight with him and they both toppled over the edge (He/She pushed Yuan, but as he was falling he grabbed the other person and pulled them(?) down with him), resulting in Yuan’s death and the attacker’s supposed moderate injury.
 “I still can’t believe someone would do that to poor Yuan,” Tear whimpers. I’m tempted to get up and comfort her, but not with that Zelos-thing around.
“I wouldn’t call him poor when he had a chance to fight back. Yuan wasn’t a weakling.” Zelos replies in a just-the-facts-ma’am tone.
  “You say he had red hair, just like Ion said.” I ask, but it comes out sounding more like a statement than a question.
 “That’s right,” Zelos agrees.
“We could start tomorrow by making a list of all the students with red hair and then narrow it down with that list?”
 I half-suggest, half-ask. My questions aren’t really turning out as questions anymore, I guess.
 “Sounds good,” Guy performs his usual ‘trademark Gailardia’ half-smile.
  “But you know what that means…”
Zelos smirks, looking me dead in the eye.
“W-what?” I ask.
“You and I are both suspects, my dear friend.”
With that, Zelos strolls away, disappearing into the sea of bookshelves.
 “That guy sure is suspicious.” Ion says with an eye-roll. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the one who killed ’em. Hehe.”
  “Ion, you got some weird spunk.” Tear sighs. We all giggle for a moment, but it’s only for a short time before reality sets in.
“What if Yuan was just the first one? What if there’s a murderer going around in the school??” I stutter. I don’t usually speak my mind if it’s something so morbid, but I want to know the answer.
 “We’ll just have to wait and see,” Guy pats me on the shoulder reassuringly.
“And pray to Yulia.” Ion interjects.
  “And hope,”
Tear says quietly.

We have to have hope.
Hope that this was all just some freak accident.
Hope that nobody else has to be killed.
Hope that this can be forgotten in the near future.
Hope that we have enough hope to grant all these wishes!

(Emil POV .3.)

I can hardly keep my eyes open as I sit at the table with a tall mug of steaming hot chocolate, surrounded by paperwork and confusing dotted lines. It’s bad enough Yuan died yesterday, but now I’ve got so much to do, since I’m in the Student Council. It was Richter’s idea, really.
Join, he said!
It’ll be fun, he said!
It’ll be fun once I get all this paperwork out of my face!!
I burn my tongue on a steaming marshmallow and flinch backwards in surprise. Guess it’s karma for getting so upset.
I glance over at the clock. It’s 9:01 at night. I should really be getting some sleep, since I was up at 5:00 this morning, but I have to get these filled out or else the world will end.
Okay, not literally. But nevertheless, I have a lot to do.

The sound of footsteps distracts me for a second, but I ignore them and take a second to blow on my hot chocolate.
 It’s probably just Marta goofing off upstairs. She’s my roommate-ish-thing. I can’t call it a roommate, since these dorms are actually like mini apartments for two to three people, so maybe she’s my…apartment-mate?? I don’t know…Richter is here too, but he basically sits around all day so you don’t see much of him. And then there’s Ratatosk, which is basically my opposite personality so to speak. He can separate from my subconscious, though, thus I technically have three room/house-mates. Hehe. I really didn’t see that one coming.
The moon outside is full. It’s so pretty this early in the fall. Today was one of those lazy autumn days when it looks warm outside because the sun is shining brightly, but in reality it’s frigid cold and the grass is begging for mercy from the early morning frost that still rests on top of it as dew.
 A chill runs down my spine as a howl pierces the silence. Tenebrae. He’s surprisingly allowed on campus, despite being a centurion, which is basically a monster, which is basically a pet in ways. But I’m happy they let him stay.
 I try to focus on my work, but Yuan keeps coming to mind. I barely knew him, just that he was a friend of Lloyd’s father. There’s not much I can say. But when you lose someone you actually knew for more than five seconds, it still makes quite an impact.
 I squint and try to make sense of a small white dot in the sky. It’s bigger than the other dots that make up stars, but small enough to be a comet or a shooting star. I make a wish out loud just in case.
 “I wish everything would be okay, and that nobody else would get killed, and that-”
I turn around in my seat and see Richter. He looks pretty tense. Must be upset about Yuan’s death.
“S-sorry for disturbing you. I was just finishing up some paperwork for Student Council.” I pick up my cocoa mug and try to cool it off again.
 “It’s alright, you weren’t bothering me. But…you were talking to yourself again. Are you feeling alright?”
Richter asks. Why does he care? I mean, I don’t wanna be rude, but, since when did he care about my emotional/mental health??
 “I wasn’t talking to myself, silly!” I giggle quietly. “There was a shooting star, see, and -”
 “Emil, shooting stars are just nonsense. Fairytales. They don’t actually do anything. They’re just for fun.” Richter cuts me off before I can continue. I’m honestly left speechless.
 “I-I knew that! I was j-just, uh…I wanted to, um…you know, the thing…you know, the thing, right?”
 I must sound like an idiot.
“You’re not making any sense whatsoever.” Richter sighs. He pushes his glasses farther up on the bridge of his nose and leans on the refrigerator.
 “Nevermind…” I turn back to my papers.
Richter sits there in silence for a while.
“Oh my gosh, I’m so rude. I should have asked you in advance. Do you want some hot chocolate? I-I can make you some if that’s okay with you.”
  I stutter, standing up from my freezing wooden chair.
“No, thanks, I’m okay for now.” Richter forces a smile. I can tell he’s forcing it. Why smile at me for doing something stupid, anyway?
 I reluctantly sit back down.
 “How is your work coming along?” he asks.
“I’m going to be up very late, that’s for sure. Kind of a shame.” I reply sadly, taking a sip of my cocoa.
 “The marshmallows melted. Darn.”
Richter laughs. “How many did you put in there?” Suddenly his smile vanishes as I answer ten. “Hey, you’re not trying to keep yourself up so you can finish those papers, are you?”
 I shake my head no, though it’s true. I need something to keep my eyes open. But I can already feel myself slipping.
 “I don’t believe you. Emil, you know that’s bad for you! Why do you have to be so stupid sometimes??”
 I take in a deep breath and try to channel the anger towards something inanimate, like the pen I’m writing with, to keep it away from Ratatosk. He likes to make an appearance whenever my emotions get out of whack.
I look over at the clock again. It’s 9:18. I sigh.
 “Give me the papers,” Richter stomps up to the table and holds out his hand in demand of the paperwork.
“No,” I say sternly. “I have to get this done tonight.”
  “Emil,” Richter takes the pen out of my hand. I bite my lip and try not to say anything in reply.
“I have to finish these,” I insist, putting my elbows over top of the pages to keep them in place.
 “Emil, give me them. Now.” Richter shoves my arms off the table and collects the papers. How I feel right now as well as the ‘Yuan Incident’, all the extra work, my lack of sleep, and how badly I want to finish all of this is a really bad combination. This won’t end well.
The worst part is…drum roll please…it’s beyond my control.
Totally beyond my control.
 “Give them back!” I jump out of my seat and grab hold of the stack of paper sheets.
  “Knock it off. I don’t want you up late stressing over all this stuff. And I’m in Student Council with you, I’m sure I can help you out. Let me have the pages.”
 I tug on them, ignoring his remarks. “No.”
“Yes, Emil. Give them to me.”
“Nuh-uh. Mine.” I pull the paper stack closer to me.
“No, they’re mine. Well, they are yours, but I’m going to help you with them.” Richter tugs back.
“I don’t need your help. I just wanna do it by myself.”
“Give it!”
“Mine!” I pull harder, nearly falling backwards.
“No, they’re mine!”
“Are not!”
“Are too!” Richter tears one of the little pages.
“Are not…”
“Are too!!”

Suddenly the stack splits in half, the agonizing rrrrrriiip echoing throughout the kitchen as papers go flying everywhere, some split into two and others chipped or creased. The force from the tugging sends us both backwards a foot or two.
Richter shoves me against the wall and holds his arm to my neck.
“You idiot! Look what you did! If you had just listened to me, this wouldn’t have happened!!”
 “If you’d have just backed off this wouldn’t have happened, Richter!”
Richter purposely presses harder on my neck, thinning what limited air I have.
 “I hate you…” I gasp. “You miserable little-”
 “Whadda ya want?? I’m in the middle of an insult!!”
“Bring back Emil.”
“Why should I take orders from you?”
“Because Emil will always be better than you because he has a brain and a heart that function properly, unlike you! You worthless chicken egg!!”
 I freeze. “What did you just call me?” I try to contain a laugh.
“…A worthless…chicken egg…” Richter giggles and loosens his grip on my neck.
  “A chicken egg? Really??” I snicker, and he sighs in an attempt to cover up his laughter.
“I don’t know where that came from…” Richter glances around the room. “There’s paper confetti everywhere.”
“Yeah, it’s a celebration. Because I’m a worthless…” I stop in the middle of my sentence to bust out laughing. “C-chicken egg…!!!”
 We both slink to our knees, laughing until our chests hurt.
“What were you gonna call me?” Richter asks.
“Huh?” I blink.
“You started with ‘you miserable little-’ and then I cut you off.”
“Oh, yeah, that. I’m pretty sure I was gonna go with something like ‘you miserable little katydid’ or maybe ‘you miserable little hairball’.”
 “Is that how you see me…?”
“Yeah, pretty much.”
We both lie on the cold floor, surrounded my dozens of torn sheets of paper, laughing every so often, our breathing matched as one. Like friends should be.
 “Why…are we doing this…?” Richter stares at me for a moment. I blink.
“I dunno,” I reply. “But I don’t have to do that paperwork, so I can go to bed now!”
 I sigh and try to stay awake, despite the fact that I’m lying on freezing cold wood.
“Wait,” Richter stares at me again. “Aster?”
  “What??” I catch a glimpse of my reflection in the glass doors to the outside and see my eyes are a dark shade of grayish-green.
 “I said to bring back Emil, but instead you gave me Aster.” Richter pokes my forehead and I try to bite his finger like a dog.
“Look at you. Now you’re Ratatosk. Where’s Emil?”
I flinch at the now red eyes in my reflection.
“He’s lost,” I say without thinking.
“I don’t know.”
“You have to know.” Richter picks up a piece of paper and tears it into tiny little shreds.~~
“Still don’t know,”
Richter blinks at me, tossing the scraps in the air.
“Find him.”
He stands up with little effort and leaves me in the middle of the floor, paper confetti fluttering to the ground around me. I stay motionless and slow my breathing.
The last sheet of paper lands on my chest.
When I fall asleep and everything goes black, the page drifts to the floor, silent as the frigid fall breeze outside.

I wake up in what feels like an instant.
The room is dark and so dead silent I can hear my heart beating. I’m in my bedroom, I know it, because once my eyes adjust everything becomes familiar again.
 I sit up in a flash.
Beside me, on the nightstand where a small, decorative lamp sits, my phone vibrates and glows for a heartbeat.
I stare at the clock on the wall. It’s 2:30 AM exactly.
 “Who the hell…is texting me at 2:30...?” I rub my eyes and unlock the tPhone.

PopTartMartie: Emil???!!
PopTartMartie: Are you there???
(FluffyPersonaX3 has joined the chat)
FlufflyPersonaX3: Marta are you ok??
PopTartMartie: Emil plz help me this is super serious!!!

I stifle a gasp and carry my phone with me as I quickly get dressed.

FluffyPersonaX3: Where are you? What’s wrong? Are you hurt or anything??

There’s a long pause before Marta texts me back, giving me time to run outside in a wooly scarf and thick fall coat. It’s so freezing out I can see my breath fogging up the glass on my tPhone.

PopTartMartie: the café
PopTartMartie: Plz, plz, plz meet me there

I blink, unsure, confused.

FluffyPersonaX3: Marta
FluffyPersonaX3: Why the café?
PopTartMartie: Just hurry Pleeeease!!!

This better be a real emergency, I think to myself with a grimace. I sprint down the sidewalk, past the other dorms, my heart racing.
 Finally I get to the school. I frantically look for the cafeteria, and when I find it I fling open the doors and rush in.

FluffyPersonaX3: Marta, I’m here
FluffyPersonaX3: Where are you?

The cafeteria is near pitch black. The only sounds audible are the clicking, whirring, and humming of the coolers and refrigerators. My only light source is my phone’s dim screen and a distant, eerie green glow from a microwave in the kitchen.
 “Marta!?” I yell into the dark.
My voice echoes through the empty hall, answering itself.
The tPhone vibrates. I unlock it and quickly glance down at the screen.

PopTartMartie: walk forward

A chill runs down my spine.
Can she see me in the dark?
If something or someone is attacking her, how is she able to text me?
And why is it so…quiet??

I unwillingly take a step forward, closer to the first set of tables. Something scuttles past me, in front of my feet. Was it a bug or a mouse; I’m to creeped out to tell.
 “Emi-” Marta’s shriek gets caught in the sound of something, like fabric.
It came from the center of the room.
Suddenly the small, middle set of lights and ceiling fans click on.
 And there is Marta, stuck at one of the tables, hands tied behind her back, a gag in and around her mouth.
I race over to her. Nobody else is in the room, from what I presume.
“Marta! W-who did this to you?”
I whisper-scream, glancing around the room before crouching down to untie her wrists. Her left comes undone first, and with it she takes the cloth away from her mouth, lowering it so it fits loosely around her neck.
“Emil, we have to get out of here and warn the others.” Marta gasps. I untie her other hand and she jumps up from the bench, pulling me into a tight hug.
 “Oh my God…” she whispers, her warm breath tickling my neck. “We have to tell them…”
Marta’s shaking. She looks like she’s about to cry as she lets go of me.
 “Alright, calm down. Who attacked you?” I can feel Ratatosk chomping at the bit to seek out the man who tied her up and give him a good punch to the face.
I tuck a strand of her long brownish-blonde hair behind her ear.
 “I-It was-”
The double doors swing open, hitting the wall and emitting a loud clang. A shadowy figure, unrecognizable due to the lack of light, is in the doorway.
“Hello, my dear friend!”
  The figure says. His voice is unfamiliar.
“What are you doing back here?” Marta snaps. We link hands, a silent agreement not to desert each other.
 “Who is that…?” I whisper to her. She shakes her head no. I’m guessing she has no idea whatsoever. Great.
“Ohh, who’s this cutie, lovely fellow? Did you bring a friend?” The man steps into the light, but I still can’t identify his face. He is definitely a student here. I just know it.
 “Marta…” I elbow her lightly to get her attention. “If your hands were tied behind your back, how were you texting me?”
 Marta cocks her head. “Texting?”
My phone vibrates.
I look down at it. It reads:

PopTartMartie: Hello Emil~

Another chill runs down my spine and I look back up.
The man in the doorway holds Marta’s phone in between his fingers with an evil grin.
 Marta tightens her grip on my arm. I never realized she was hugging it. “My phone…!” She squeals.
The mysterious person removes something from the pocket of his hoodie.
It’s a gun.
He’s going to kill us.
But why? We’ve never intentionally hurt anyone…
Unless Marta has a real score to settle with this guy, I bet we don’t even know each other!
 Without thinking I protectively step in front of Marta. The man just laughs for a moment.
 “Don’t try to be so brave.” he cackles, “I’m not going to shoot you,”
 Behind me I can practically hear Marta’s heart pounding.
The man points his gun to the ceiling, facing it towards the skylight that takes up the majority of it. Through the glass I can see dozens of little stars in the dark night sky. It’s already approaching the time where it gets lighter, but it looks like it’s only 10:00. By now, it’s probably 2:50 at the least.
 “What is he doing?” Marta whispers; I shrug.
He fires the gun.
At the enormous glass skylight embedded in the ceiling.
The bullet lands dead center, leaving millions of little cracks all throughout the crystal-clear glass. Marta now stands to my side, both of us hugging each other for safety.
 “Now you know not to leave your phone where someone can stroll in and take it!” The student giggles. He fires his gun a final time and rushes out the door, disappearing into the hallway after locking the door. He drops Marta’s phone on the ground before vanishing completely.
If only he knew that someone could open it from the outside-
 “Could’ve been worse,” I smile half-heartedly. Marta nods.
I spoke too soon.
All around us, the glass begins falling from the pane in tiny, dagger-like shards. One gently brushes my finger, leaving a scratch.
It starts to bleed within seconds.
“Come on!!” Marta grabs my wrist, pulling me across the room. “We gotta get away from the skylight!!”
 As large chunks of the ceiling begin to fall out we successfully evade the biggest pieces and finally reach the end of the café.
 “Oh, darn, my phone…” Marta sighs. I’m not surprised. She can’t stand a minute without that thing. By now, it’s probably crushed by the caving-in ceiling. I almost feel bad. Then I get an idea.
“We need it so we can call for help,” I reply. “I’m gonna go back there and get it.”
 “No!!” Marta squeals, tugging on my arm. “I mean, it’s fine! Just don’t go back, you’ll get hurt!!”
I wriggle free from her grasp; “I have to,” is my excuse.

I can hear her calling my name over and over as I charge back into the flurry of falling shards. The glass has pretty much stopped falling by now, just some leftover pieces are dropping down every so often. Thankfully it’s less dangerous.
 Her phone is almost in reach. I can see it on the floor by the exit, right where our attacker dropped it. I’m so, so close to picking it up when-
I don’t see the sharp, vertical chunk of glass in front of me until seconds after I lose my balance and fall on it.

A horrible stabbing pain shoots through my eye as I pull myself up off the shard-littered cafeteria floor, tiny skylight remnants embedding into the palms of my hands.
Without thinking, I touch my right eye.
Slowly, almost soullessly, I pull a large piece of glass out of it, biting my lip and trying not to scream from the pain.
 There’s blood dripping down my face, as well as on the shard that now rests in my lap.
 I slink back to the ground, my ears ringing from the sudden silence.
“Emil!!” Marta runs up to me and puts her hand on my shoulder. “Are you okay??”
I shake my head no, too close to crying to say anything without choking. Marta swings her self around and sits in front of me, her expression turning from one of concern to one of fear.
 “Y-your eye…!! Oh my God, what happened??”
I can feel myself slipping in and out of consciousness already, so I try to answer the best I can.
It never occurred to me that, when I fell, I landed on a million tiny glass bits.
 That explains why my arms are blood-soaked as well.
I can hardly see anymore; through one eye, my left, everything is blurry. Through the other, the right eye, all I see is red. Just red. Like more blood. Blech.
Marta runs over to grab her tPhone, then scuttles back to me like a crab, and, while holding the phone in her mouth (believe it or not), scoops me up and carries me over to a corner where it’s dark, warm, and cozy.
 She leans me against the wall and quickly texts someone, I can’t see who. Probably Richter or Colette, most likely. My head is throbbing; I close my eyes and try to imagine this is all a dream.
 “Can’t you just use Artes?” I wail, holding my hand over my eye after I brush the teeny shards out of my skin. “It hurts so much!! Make it stop!!” Ratatosk definitely has a say in what I’m feeling right now, as I would never yell at Marta.
Maybe I’m just in too much pain to be nice.
 “Only in the Artes room. The rest of the school has an anti-Artes field.”
 “Then t-take me outside! Just do something!!”
The pain is beginning to spread to the rest of my head, and I wince.
“I can’t move you, either. You’re already blood-covered as it is.”
 Marta brushes my blonde hair (which is now stained red with blood) out of my face and kisses my forehead lightly. It sends painful shocks all over.
 “What’s gonna happen to me?” I whine, blinking back tears from one eye. I don’t dare close the other. There’s blood all over my hands and face. I didn’t think it would bleed so much. The shard must have hit an important vein in my eye.
 “Richter’s on his way with Colette,”
Marta says, stroking my cheek. I think I guessed pretty accurately back there, right on the dot, when I said I thought she was texting Richter or Colette. Wow.
 “When…?” I ask. I feel dizzy. It’s weird trying to talk now.
Marta sighs. “Soon.”

We wait for a good five minutes, Marta talking to me and petting my head to calm me the whole time. When Richter and Colette bust open the doors, Marta’s singing to me.
She turns beet red when they enter the room and instantly silences herself.
“Marta, how’s Emil? We came as fast as we could.” Richter says sternly. Colette nods.
 “I heard he got cut and figured I could be of some use.”
She says with a smile. Marta lets out a relieved sigh.
“Thank you so, so much, guys. Come on, he’s over here.”

Richter and Colette follow Marta over to where I’m comfortably and strategically placed along the wall.
“My gosh…” Richter says as he kneels next to me. “Look at that. Did he fall on a shard of glass or something?”
 “Yeah, actually, it went in my eye.”
I reply, shocking all three of them. They must have thought I was asleep. “And yes, I’m awake. Barely.”
 Colette grins and takes a seat in front of me, reassuringly brushing up against Marta.
“How bad is it?”
“On a scale of one to ten?” I ask. They all nod.
“200 at the least.”
Richter shakes his head and sighs. “This isn’t good.” he mutters. Marta nods in agreement.
“It’s not,” she says. “but you guys are here, so it is.”

It takes about twenty minutes for them to clean the blood around my eye (and everywhere else basically) and put a bandage over it. It’s basically like a crooked bandanna, but it looks more…you know, medical-ish. I’m thankful I don’t have to wear an eye patch or anything, haha. That would be terrible.
 So they manage to get me fully awakened and the three of us hobble back to our dorm. As we walk down the jagged sidewalk, I think to myself, At least I’m still alive!
After that, Colette goes back to the dorm she shares with Lloyd and Zelos. How awkward, hehe! Richter sends Marta upstairs to change, because her clothes got bloody and whatnot from taking care of my wounds.
He stays downstairs with me.
 “So how exactly did you cut your eye?”
He asks, tightening the bandages around it.
“I tripped over something,” I remark, “The glass was sticking out of a crack in the floor. When I fell it went into my eye.”
 Richter sighs, closing his eyes. He’s lucky he can do that with both of them, I think to myself. “Do you remember what he looked like? The guy who shot the skylight down?”
He takes off his jacket and tosses it behind him effortlessly. I shake my head no. “He was wearing a hoodie, so we couldn’t see his face.”
 “But you know it wasn’t a she,” Richter implies hurriedly. I nod. “Yeah.”
Richter freezes. “Hold on,” he picks something off the cuff of my sleeve.
“What’s that?” I ask, too weak to turn my head. Richter waves it in front of me.
  “A strand of red hair.”
I sigh. “Might just be yours,”
“No, look.” Richter holds it to his own head of hair. “It’s lighter than mine.”
  “So you’re saying this could be the same person who killed Yuan?” I shuffle around on the couch anxiously.
Richter nods and flashes me a witty smile.
“We’ve got ourselves a lead.”

Same Day (Sunday)
(Saphir POV :D)

KitKat177: Yo Saphir!!!
KitKat177: Guess who nearly died last night?
(MeowingDinosaurs has joined the chat)
MeowingDinosaurs: Please tell me you died and this is your ghost
KitKat177: I said nearly you freak :I
KitKat177: And no, it wasn’t me.

I silently curse to myself as I try to remove my English muffin from the toaster with much effort.

MeowingDinosaurs: So who was it?
KitKat177: Emil!!
KitKat177: You know, FluffyPersonaX3, from the Symphonia Division?
MeowingDinosaurs: Rlly? He’s so nice, why would anyone try to kill him?

I freeze for a brief moment.
The muffin still remains in the toaster as I wait for Jade to text me back.
There’s total silence.

KitKat177: Read
*In the original layout I had drawn a little chatbox with a picture of the front cover of a newspaper inside it. Since you cannot include pictures like that on dA, try your best to imagine what it looks like when your pals text you a picture. Thanks for your understanding.*
(Saphir Mental Note: “I love how he used After Effects to make the picture look fancy-seat-of-the-pantsy, XwX!!”)

It takes a while to register in my mind, but Jade sent me a picture of the front over of this Sunday’s issue of ‘The Cliffhanger’, the school’s weekend newspaper, written by the ever-successful Colette herself.

The picture comes out blurry at first, but finally the title comes into view.

“Sudden Clues May Lead to the Discovery of Student Yuan’s Killer”

I nearly drop my phone into the toaster.

MeowingDinosaurs: This is incredible!!
KitKat177: Ik! But Emil tho- did you read the other part yet?

I blink unsurely and call up the picture a second time.

The smaller text under the headline describes how the devious capture of Marta and abuse of her tPhone led to Emil coming to her rescue, only for the both of them being sabotaged by a mysterious student of great suspicion.
The article claims he caused the skylight in the cafeteria to collapse and shatter all over the two.
Marta was barely harmed.
Emil lost the use of his right eye.
He slipped on some little glass pieces and a large shard got lodged in his eye.
I wince as I struggle to read onward.
Next it talks about how a strand of red hair was found that can be used to track DNA and find out who set them up.
It may even be the same person who killed Yuan, based on claims about seeing a red-haired student on the cliff with him.

MeowingDinosaurs: Oh my gosh…!
KitKat177: That’s what I said
MeowingDinosaurs: Do the others know
KitKat177: The paper goes to every dorm
KitKat177: So probably ya

I put my phone down on the counter and continue trying to get my breakfast out of the toaster.
I picked a terribly-sized muffin to put in.

My tPhone makes a quiet chirp-like noise, drawing my attention back towards it. Jade wants to Skype. I figure it’d be better than having to reply to texts all the time.
Quickly and without hesitation I answer.
“Sup?” He asks.
“Hey, Jade,” I say loudly, pulling the lever down on the toaster and releasing it in an attempt to fling the muffin out of the device.
 “I can’t believe it. Two weeks into our first year of college and one person’s dead, the other one a total vegetable for the time being.” Jade sighs. I pick up the phone and rush over to the silverware drawer.
“So what are you doing on this lovely morning?”
I inquire, taking out a fork. “Because I am prying my breakfast out of a toaster.”
“This stupid muffin’s too small! It got stuck!”
“I mean, I’m starving right now!” I lower the fork into the slot and begin poking at the muffin.
“This fork isn’t helping either…”
Jade glares at me for a moment.
“Tell me one thing you’re doing wrong.”

I hesitate to say what’s on my mind, but you only live once.
“Talking to you?”
Jade groans and facepalms at my answer. “Something else.”
 I look from my phone to the toaster to the fork in my hand, then back at my phone, and so on.
 “…Putting a fork in a toaster…”
I huff, dropping it into the sink.
“Yes! You’re so smart!” Jade falsely praises me like a child, smiling sarcastically. “What, are you in Kindergarten?”
“Last time I checked,” I say, putting my fingers in the toaster instead, “I was in college and there was a rabid red-haired murderer going around. Thank you very much.”
 “Yeah, about that,” Jade drops his smart-alec tone, replacing it with a serious one. “did you read the whole page?”
  “No, I was kinda too busy texting my friend Jade. You ever met him? He’s a real smartass.”
 Finally I get a firm grasp on the crumbly edge of the muffin. I flick my hand upward as fast as possible, sending the bread flying. It lands perfectly on to a plate.
 “Yes!!” I squeal in delight.
“Achievement get: My best friend is an idiot.”
Jade casually remarks.
 “Oh, very funny. Now back to what happened last night-”
“Hold on!! Luke is texting me something…”
I wait a few seconds.
Jade texts me a screenshot of his chat with Luke and the others.

ImaFonTechGuy: Anise you’re such a slut
TokunagaAni: why thank you deary
DauntlessLukieCake: So Jade
DauntlessLukieCake: Ol’ buddy ol’ pal
KitKat177: Ya?
DauntlessLukieCake: Can you and Saphir meet us at Frogurt or something to talk? I have an idea~
KitKat177: Sure :3
FonicallyAwkward: Luke, how often do you go to Frogurt? Really!
DauntlessLukieCake: Maybe 3-4 times a month
DauntlessLukieCake: But there are exceptions
DauntlessLukieCake: Right Aschy-boy?
Smoke+Asches: DON’T CALL ME THAT
Smoke+Asches: DRECK
SyncaroniAndCheese: xD Your gonna get fat
Tear342: No he won’t :c
NataliaKitten22: He’s a replica
DauntlessLukieCake: ANYWAYS
DauntlessLukieCake: Just meet us there at lunch (Like 12:00)
ImaFonTechGuy: And tell Saphir to come too!!
KitKat177: Okay
KitKat177: Cya ‘yall .3.
(KitKat177 has left the chat)

 “Well then…” I sigh.
“Good thing we all aren’t suspects.”
Jade smiles. I don’t.
 “Luke and Asch are. They both have red hair.”
“What’re we gonna do now?” Jade whines.
 “I say we sit back, relax, and go to Frogurt at twelve.”
I say with an optimistic wink.

“What’s the worst that could happen?”

(Luke POV :B)

There’s a knock on the door that scares me out of my thought process.
“Asch!!” I yell. “Someone’s at the door!! Answer it!!”
I hear Asch groan and stomp down the stairs, then the click of the front door opening.
  “Who is it??” I call.
No answer.
I run to the foyer and hide behind Asch.
In the doorway is…Ms. Winter??
What is our Artes teacher doing here?
 I step out from behind Asch and Winter smiles.
“Hi, Luke. How’s your wrist?”
 She asks, her long cyan braid flopping behind her as she turns her head to face me.
 “I-it’s doing better…” I stutter.
I had forgotten about the injury I got from playing football in Phys Ed that I had complained about during Artes the next day. Asch glares at me as if to say, ‘what injury, dreck??’.
 “So, Ms. Winter, uh, why, exactly, are you here?” I ask, trying to sound polite but still get my message across.
Winter’s expression turns grave.
“Did you two read the school newspaper today? They’re automatically delivered to your forms.” She says.
 Asch and I nod. “Yeah. We heard about Emil and how they found a strand of red hair.” Asch replies.
  “Listen, guys…”
Winter pulls us together and looks around to make sure no one is nearby.
“About that red hair. You two have it. That makes you both suspects.” she whispers.
 “What’s gonna happen?” I wail on impulse.
Winter frowns. “They’re running DNA tests on it today at the lab. You two have to promise me you won’t get into any trouble - especially you, Luke - or they’ll have all the more reason to think you did it.”
I blush. I always was a troublemaker.
“Asch, Luke, you two are my best students. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you guys. Without Luke, who would tell all those cheesy jokes?”
 Winter pats me on the head playfully. “And Asch, you certainly know a lot about your Artes. Amazing. You two…”
 She slaps Asch on the back in a friendly manner.
“You two are something special. Don’t let this silly murder mystery snuff out your light.”

Even after Ms. Winter leaves, I can’t help thinking about what she said. The school is going to, instead of narrowing the suspects down by red hair, pick by the students with light-red hair.
 Asch might actually not be a suspect, since his hair is darker than mine.
 I can’t sit still, and constantly squirm about while trying to watch TV in my beanbag chair. Finally I pick up my tPhone and check the time.,
 It’s 11:49. We should all be meeting at Frogurt at 12:00. With a sigh I toss my phone behind me, again, not caring whether I cracked the screen or not.
 I ignore it for a few minutes until I hear it vibrate.
Frantically I scramble out of the beanbag chair and snatch up my phone, unlocking it.
  I got a text.

TalesOfUmessageBoard: **DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE**
 Attention Students:
During class tomorrow, Monday, September 29th, a DNA screening/matching assembly will take place. Students similar to the suspect will be individually tested throughout the day.
 Await further instruction.

I blink several times to clear my mind.
DNA test.
In school.
I didn’t kill Yuan, but
what if something goes wrong?
I, for once, am scared.
Tales of University: Chapter Two - Red?
Aaaaaalright, folks! Here it is!! CHAPTER TWO YAAAAY!!
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I'm pretty sure it's supposed to say Christmas is coming, not October.
Well, I'm back at the library again! And I have some wooooonderful news!!!
On Saturday I went to GameStop and got me some Tales of the Abyss and Tales of Symphonia Chronicles
I'm so proud of meeself!!
If you beat Arietta on the rooftops of Choral Castle already PLEASE TELL ME YOUR SECRETS ;^; I'm stuck
And on ToS2 Which I am madly in love with, I can't beat that stupid sadist Alice at Asgard.
Not sure if Tales of hates me or just a bad gamer.
So I basically sat around and did nothing.
It looks like it's gonna rain heckfire outside so I can't wait for that.
Seriously, makes me think of METHOD_REPLEKIA_. Aggh.
I have nothing to talk about, other than Tales of University Chapters 2 and 3 are OUUUUUUT!! Woop woop!!
I worked so so hard on them!
Chapter 1 has some MAJOR EDITS so if you read it already plz go back and reread to make more sense of it.
Also, some of you said the IMing/texting was annoying and I have to agree (Sadly) but it contains a lot of evidence leading to the murderer. Sorry.
Emil was here since I keep saying sorry...

Better stop before I die.
I just saw lightning.
Woo hoo.
I gotta feeling that tonights gonna be a good/dauntless night.

Best wishes from Tenebrae as always. Have a happy Icktober thanks to that stupid respiratory virus in 42/50 states here in Kickass Country.
Or at least Ar Ciel.

Happy/IDK Monday!
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(P.S>>> I have become a shipper thanks to ToA and ToS2. Thanks a lot for ruining my childhood(?)
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(Luke POV)

(DauntlessLukieCake has joined the chat)
DauntlessLukieCake: Hey guys
DauntlessLukieCake: What’s up
Smoke+Asches: How many times have I told you to consider punctuation?
DauntlessLukieCake: 27 now
Smoke+Asches: Yep.
(ImaFonTechGuy has joined the chat)
ImaFonTechGuy: Wassup bros?
NataliaKitten22: I’m still here
TokunagaAni: Me too!
DauntlessLukieCake: I wouldn’t be surprised if Jade and Saphir are here too
DauntlessLukieCake: If someone would acknowledge my existence .-.
Smoke+Asches: It’s not my fault, dreck.
(FonicallyAwkward has joined the chat)
FonicallyAwkward: Hi guys~ What’cha talking about?
TokunagaAni: Ion!! I missed you
FonicallyAwkward: Hehe
(DauntlessLukieCake has gone afk)
Tear342: I was always here as well
NataliaKitten22: Hi Tear how’s life
Tear342: It’s okay
ImaFonTechGuy: Anise are you and Ion baes or something
TokunagaAni: You wish bitch
(DauntlessLukieCake is no longer afk)
DauntlessLukieCake: Sweet Yulia Anise watch your sailor mouth
DauntlessLukieCake: Before the mighty wrath of Asch comes down upon you o_o
FonicallyAwkward: I might be her bae but she ain’t mine
Smoke+Asches: Oh my.
TokunagaAni: Wow Ion thats sweet
FonicallyAwkward: Your welcome hon
ImaFonTechGuy: I’m happy
ImaFonTechGuy: was worried cos Anise is my bae not yours
Smoke+Asches: …
NataliaKitten22: Oh my
Tear342: Luke your so dreamy sometimes
DauntlessLukieCake: <3 Just doin my job
FonicallyAwkward: You sound like Zelos
Tear342: Dafuq is that
DauntlessLukieCake: Zelos Wilder…
DauntlessLukieCake: He got ‘most likely to be on a drama TV show’ in the yearbook in senior year remember
Tear342: Is he the guy who’s always flirting with Lloyd
DauntlessLukieCake: Yeah
Smoke+Asches: DRECK
Smoke+Asches: DAMMIT
DauntlessLukieCake: Sheesh look who forgot their punctuation now xD
Smoke+Asches: Get an education, dreck.
DauntlessLukieCake: Get a girlfriend
NataliaKitten22: Hate to crush your dreams but I’m his bae
NataliaKitten22: do you live under a rock or something
DauntlessLukieCake: I dunno about you but I live on campus
ImaFonTechGuy: With the Fon Tech
DauntlessLukieCake: No with Asch
DauntlessLukieCake: And no hes not my bae
TokunagaAni: Why does everyone keep saying bae???
FonicallyAwkward: I have no idea. Isn’t that right, bae?
TokunagaAni: You’re so cute~
ImaFonTechGuy: I’m thinking we should extend this chat to the other Tales of’s. All in favor say Johnny Yong Bosch
DauntlessLukieCake: IM DIVERGENT
DauntlessLukieCake: I DO WHAT I WANT BITCH
Tear342: He’s not a bitch he’s a guy
DauntlessLukieCake: Actually you’re right there
DauntlessLukieCake: he’s a Gailardia
TokunagaAni: You can propose to me anytime you want
DauntlessLukieCake: Id rather not
Tear342: Watch what u say I can screenshot this Luke
DauntlessLukieCake: Don’t worry I got your back
DauntlessLukieCake: Zelos can’t hurt you here
NataliaKitten22: I wonder what Asch is doing
NataliaKitten22: Do you know, Luke?

I look up from my phone, my thumbs sore from texting all evening and my eyes stinging from lack of blinking.
 “Asch!!!!” I yell at the top of my lungs, refusing to get up from my comfy bean bag chair.
“Whadda ya want, dreck???” A voice returns to me. It’s Asch, just as I expected.
“Do you know what time it is???”
 “No,” I reply, staring down at my tPhone. “It’s 9:40 at night, never mind.”
 “You’re so stupid, dreck!! How’d you get accepted into this college anyhow?? You can’t go out for ice cream at 9:40!!!”
In my lap, my phone vibrates simultaneously. I got another text, but I don’t bother to look down at it. The sound of footsteps pounding down the soft carpeted stairs catches my attention as another text tone shakes in my lap, sending tingles throughout my legs.
 “I’ll take you to Frogurt after class tomorrow, alright?”
I look behind me to see Asch at the bottom of the stairs, his hair messy, tPhone in one hand, perfectly ready to settle in for the night. We have two separate rooms, but we still text each other and the gang from our beds.
“Now go to bed. You need some sleep for school.”
 Asch orders, snapping his fingers and pointing towards the stairs. “Geez dad, I know the drill. Stop yelling at me.” I huff, shuffling up the flight of stairs and closing my bedroom door behind me. I flop onto the soft, freshly made bed, and unlock my phone to see several new messages.

ImaFonTechGuy: Luke
TokunagaAni: LukieCake where are you??
(DauntlessLukieCake was never afk but is officially back)
DauntlessLukieCake: Up your ass
Tear342: it’s dangerous to go there alone
Tear342: >.-.> take this

A picture appears in the chat bubble. I tap it with my finger and, upon seeing it, drop my phone. It lands on the wooden floor beside me.
 It’s a picture of Tear hugging Asch.
I bite my lip and tap away my reply.

DauntlessLukieCake: you little traitor
FonicallyAwkward: It’s obviously photoshopped
TokunagaAni: Yeah Lukie Luke calm your tits
DauntlessLukieCake: I don’t got none srry
*FonicallyAwkward has died of laughter and can no longer chat with you. Please leave a message after the Allstate commercial.
ImaFonTechGuy: I forgot we could leave server messages like that!!
*ImaFonTechGuy is the real Iron Man
Smoke+Asches: Yeah right.
*Smoke+Asches is sick of you fatties.
DauntlessLukieCake: Who you callin fat
Smoke+Asches: You, my dear boy.
*DauntlessLukieCake secretly has pictures of Asch in the shower and is about to post them on Instagram
Smoke+Asches: You’re such a weirdo!!!
*NataliaKitten22 is refreshing her Instagram repeatedly.
DauntlessLukieCake: JK I don’t
DauntlessLukieCake: You just ain’t pretty enough girl
Smoke+Asches: Luke my bedroom is across from yours
Smoke+Asches: I can bomb it with grenades any time I want to
DauntlessLukieCake: oh my
Tear342: Please don’t kill my bae
NataliaKitten22: I love how we can be so open about our feelings towards each other when we text, but in public we’re all like, ‘NO DON’T BOTHER MEEE’~! xD
ImaFonTechGuy: @NataliaKitten22 IKR!!
FonicallyAwkward: Guy
FonicallyAwkward: This isn’t Twitter you don’t have to tag us
DauntlessLukieCake: Haha Ion your name totally suits you
DauntlessLukieCake: #JustRealizedThat
(DauntlessLukieCake is now afk again)

I yawn and quickly hop out of bed, remembering I need to put on some legit clothes before I hit the hay. I throw on a random pair of plaid pants and a blue shirt, then re-flop onto my bed again. This time I slide way down under the covers where it’s nice and toasty, a perfect line of defense against the nippy fall air. I check my phone again.

FonicallyAwkward: I wonder what Sync’s doing right now
(DauntlessLukieCake is no longer afk. FINALLY.)
TokunagaAni: Your mother
FonicallyAwkward: … .-. I thought we were over this
FonicallyAwkward: everyone knows Ratatosk is the real rapist around here
FonicallyAwkward: poor Emil
ImaFonTechGuy: xDDD
Tear342: Who’s Emil
DauntlessLukieCake: Girl you gotta get out more often
NataliaKitten22: Says the man who lives in a pineapple under the sea
DauntlessLukieCake: Come on
DauntlessLukieCake: Everybody knows that’s Guy
ImaFonTechGuy; D: that’s not me!
(Smoke+Asches was logged off centurions ago)
DauntlessLukieCake: worse centurion joke ever
Tear342: Worst Spongebob joke ever, correction.
FonicallyAwkward: Well guys
FonicallyAwkward: I have a house to go live in
TokunagaAni: Don’t leave me bae
FonicallyAwkward: say something I’m giving up on you
TokunagaAni: shit
FonicallyAwkward: Peace yinzers
(FonicallyAwkward has left the chat)
ImaFonTechGuy: My Johnny Yong Bosch sense is tingling
ImaFonTechGuy: I gtg 2
TokunagaAni: Wait for me~
TokunagaAni: I’m coming to your dorm to abduct u
ImaFonTechGuy: That’s nice
*TokunagaAni asks SIRI for directions to Guy’s dorm
NataliaKitten22: wow
TokunagaAni: I am satisfied
TokunagaAni: See you guys in PE tomorrow k
ImaFonTechGuy: Bai
DauntlessLukieCake: I’ll get you my pretty
DauntlessLukieCake: And your little dog too
Tear342: Buenos Noches mi amigos, amigas~
Tear342: Goodnight Lukie
Tear342: Meet you in St. Louis
(Tear342 and ImaFonTechGuy have left the chat)
NataliaKitten22: Guess I should hightail it outta here
NataliaKitten22: cya tomorrow Luke
DauntlessLukieCake: Alright
DauntlessLukieCake: Goodnight

Frustrated about everyone’s sudden disappearance, I have no idea what to say to finalize this chat session.

DauntlessLukieCake: Bruh

That seems to do the trick quite nicely.
I turn off my tPhone and set it onto my nightstand, flailing my hand around in search for the light switch. When I finally locate it I flick it off and flop onto my stomach.
Before I know it I’m fast asleep.

Day Two
1st Period (Science)

“Hey guys,” I stumble into the room breathlessly just seconds before the first bell. Tear, Guy, and Saphir are the only people from the Abyss Dorms in my 1st period science class. This is a college but it’s run like a high school the first few years to help you adjust; the only difference is there are more optional subjects. Science is one subject you can’t decline. My schedule, personally, goes like this:

1st Period: Science (pretty straightforward)
2nd Period: Artes (a class devoted to perfecting them)
3rd Period: Kimlasca History (The school is in Kimlasca)
4th Period: Lunch (base-line for all students is 4th per. lunch)
5th Period: Robotics Club (an in-school club believe it or not)
6th Period: Music (I play piano *again, believe it or not*)
7th Period: Algebra 3 (An extended Algebra class for dummies like me, basically the worst class in existence)
8th Period: Phys Ed (on Wednesdays and Fridays) or Digital Arts (any other day of the week)
9th Period: Free Time!! Here I basically just hang out on the basketball court with the others.

I also have an extra club, Creek Club, where we do a bunch of tests on creeks and lakes and whatnot. We’re going to some exotic place later on in the school year so I’m pretty hyped up for that, as well as just being in the club.

I take my seat next to Tear.
“What did I miss?” I ask. “Nothing,” replies Tear.
  “Guy was a dick. Other than that, you didn’t miss anything.”
Guy taps me on the shoulder from behind where I sit.
“Don’t listen to a word she says, Luke. Follow the Johnny Yong Bosch in your heart.”
 He says. I can tell by the quivering of his serious expression that he’s trying his best not to smile.
“You’re so weird, Guy.” I laugh. “No wonder Anise likes you.”
 “She doesn’t like me!!” Guy squeals.
“Dude, you should be proud of that! If I were you I’d only be embarrassed if someone said I liked her.” Saphir interrupts, giving Guy a friendly punch on the shoulder.
 “You have a point there,” Guy mutters half-heartedly.
“Students, it’s time to start the lesson! Please quiet yourselves down.”
 The teacher says with a grin. My science instructor is really quirky. I forget which Tales of he’s from, it’ll probably take a while to remember.

The class is boringly long, which is unusual. I usually love science and feel horrible when the bell to change classes rings. But today something feels off. I can’t put my finger on it.
As students pour out of the classrooms, meeting up with their buddies, I walk alongside Asch to Artes. We don’t always talk on our way there, but, like I said, today has been really whacked up.
Asch is actually the one who starts our conversation.
“You look upset, dreck. What’s got you down?”
He asks. I stare at him in confusion. “Since when did you care how I feel?” I ask. Asch shrugs.
 “I don’t. I was just wondering if you were okay.”
He answers. “Oh,” I say simply as we turn down a corner in the hallway, shuffling past some old lockers.
“Yeah, I’m fine. I just feel weird because today’s been really off so far.”
  “What do you mean, off?” Asch asks, teasingly smacking Asbel on the shoulder as we pass him and Presea on their way to World Regeneration History.
 “Oh, nothing.” I try to contract myself to fit through a tight space of taller students. “Yikes.” I wince once we’re ‘safe’.
“I mean, like, I couldn’t focus in science today. Something was keeping me on the edge of my seat, like I have to be worried about something. And I don’t like it.”
 I explain. Asch blows a stray piece of hair out of his face.
“I feel weird too. That’s mainly why I asked how you are.” He remarks rather bluntly as we turn into the classroom.
 “My head’s been hurting. Nothing major.”
We slam our books onto our table and sit down next to each other. There are no assigned seats in Artes.
I love this room because:

a. It’s air conditioned.
b. It’s totally high-tech.
c. There are tables instead of desks. (Well, actually, that summarizes the whole school by a long shot)

Asch looks around at the other students who are settling into tables behind and next to us.
The first bell rings. That bell signifies we should be in our classrooms by now, and, although the teachers don’t give two hoots if you’re late, if someone of high authority catches you out of the room after first bell, you’re dead.
 “Good morning everyone!” Ms. Winter says with a cheerful smile. She’s a pleasant, calm young woman, definitely three to four years older than all of us, who always wears her waist-length, naturally cyan hair in an endless braid down her back. I wonder if she’s from a Tales of. Some teacher here aren’t, but most of them are. Like Regal; he runs the Woodshop Club.
 “I’m going to do things a little differently today. I’m going to start by taking attendance-”
She leans on her wooden pedestal she uses to teach, pulling out a large clipboard from inside it.
“Let’s see here…Colette…? Is she here today?”
There’s silence in the room. Colette is never late for a class, and has won many awards for perfect attendance in the past.
 “I guess not. That’s a real shocker, isn’t it?”
Some students giggle nervously. If Colette isn’t here, something is definitely wrong.
 “Maybe she went to the wrong class?” I suggest with a shrug. Winter seems to get the message.
“Could be. Anyways, who’s next…Luke? Uh, Fon Fabre? I’m sorry, I can never pronounce your name.”
 “Ciao!” I give her a big goofy smile. Asch pinches my leg under the table.
Winter smiles back at me. “Good. Again, sorry if I say your name wrong. I’m new to this.”

So class drags on with much studying on how Artes work and how you can improve them.
My heart migrates to my throat, however, when Winter says she wants Asch and I to demonstrate a Hyperresonance. I really don’t see what that has to do with Artes, but anything to please the teacher.
It actually goes well. Apart from my giant headache all throughout 3rd Period and Lunch.

In the hallways on the way back from the cafeteria, I’m walking with Anise and Ion. We see a large crowd forming over by the lockers and I begin to wonder what’s going on.
“Hey,” I flick Anise on the shoulder. “Look at that. A crowd’s forming.”
 Anise acknowledges me with a small nod. “I think I hear someone talking. Come on, let’s go check it out!”
 The three of us race up to the group of excited students.
There, someone has Yuan pinned to the wall.
“Who’s that?” Ion whispers to me, pointing to the unidentifiable figure. It’s wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with the hood up, covering the back of their head.
 “Beats me,” I reply, shrugging.

“Let me go before you draw attention to yourself,” Yuan growls. The crowd seems to move in on the action, and begins to close in on them.
 “I don’t take orders from first-years. Now listen to me-”
He leans in close to Yuan’s face with a menacing glare.
“You, me, at the cliff, tonight. You and me, buddy, we’re gonna talk things over.”
He lets go of Yuan, who slinks to the ground, and walks away, turning around at the last minute and watching him struggle to replenish his air supply.
 “And you better show up. Or things are gonna get so nasty you’ll wish you’d have listened to me.”
 The man walks away. The crowd begins to chatter and gossip while a brown-haired girl helps him to stand up.
“Who was that guy?”
“What did Yuan ever do?”
“I wonder why he was so angry?”
“Why isn’t Kratos here to do anything?”
“If I were Yuan, I would stay away from the cliff.”
“I want more food!”
 The group of students is buzzing like a hive of angry bees. I knew something was off today. I just knew!
“Come on,” I pull Ion and Anise out of the way of the crowd.
We make our way down to the Robotics Club room.
 “Who was that weird man?” Anise whispers. Ion and I both shrug. “I don’t know, but whoever he was he seemed real upset.” Ion replies.
 “Maybe someone should warn him not to go to the cliff.” I suggest. Anise shakes her head.
“No.” She replies. “If he truly means what he says, Yuan’s life could be in danger if he doesn’t go.”
 “But it could be in danger if he does go, too!” I snap. “We can’t let him get hurt, even if we barely know him! It’s not right to ignore a situation when you can do something.”
 “Yes, but Luke…” Ion pauses. “We can’t do anything. We just have to wait it out. It’s none of our business and if we get involved, it might be us up at that cliff tomorrow night. Okay?”
He asks calmingly. I take in a deep breath and sigh. “Okay.”

The rest of the day is long and agonizing. I feel terrible about Yuan, but Ion’s right. There’s nothing we can do. We just gotta wait and see how it turns out.

After school, I sit down on the empty basketball court outside and wait for Tear. She’s usually the first one to meet us here.
I wait for ten minutes before she finally gets here with Natalia and Asch.
“Hey guys,” she says with a smile.
  “Eh.” I reply, no enthusiasm left in me.
“Sheesh, what’s up with you, dreck?” Asch teases. “You get an F on your Algebra test or something?”
 “No, I mean, well, yeah, I did, but that’s not what I’m upset about.” I snap.
“Wow. You actually guessed that right.” Natalia says, blinking in confusion.
 “So what’s wrong?” Tear asks, sitting next to me on the hot tarmac. The little green sprouts of grass poking out from in between the court lines are dying thanks to the sudden cold spell that hit yesterday night. But today it’s warm out.
 I tell them about Yuan getting in that fight just as the others (Guy, Anise, Ion) show up. Jade and Saphir have a student council meeting tonight, so they have to stay after school.
 “That’s pretty rough,” Guy says, kicking a deflated basketball around with his foot.
“Yeah, I know.” I reply. “I wonder if he said anything on Twitter. You know, about how he’s gonna go to the cliff and most likely die.”
 “I wish you wouldn’t think so negatively. But you do have a point. We should look just in case.” Ion smiles, and Anise gives him a tight hug. They’re so cheesy when they’re together.
 “Aaaaanyways,” I say, attempting to draw the attention towards me rather than Ion and Anise. “I’m going to look on Twitter and see if Yuan said anything.”
 I pull out my tPhone and unlock it, calling up Twitter with a simple tap of the screen.
It takes several seconds to load, but by the time it’s fully up the others are huddled around me like freezing penguins are around a chick egg.
 “Here’s Yuan’s post.” I mutter, deleting my other tweets so I don’t have to worry about being distracted.

Yuan @WaffleFanaticU45

@DauntlessLukieCake Alright I’m going to meet the guy who nearly killed me today by the cliff in 60 min…wish me luck. #OMGImightdieherelol I’m really not scared, but you never know.
 30 minutes ago    Favorite   Tweet   Reply

“Yuan sent me a tweet a half an hour ago,” I say. “I’m convinced he sent it to everyone who he recognized as a witness during the fight.”
 The others seem to fall silent, and only the sound of faint breathing can be heard.
 “Guess we can only wait.” Ion sighs.
“Can’t we tweet him back?” Guy inquires.
 “Don’t think it would be a good idea.” I reply.
We all sit in total silence as the sun begins to drop just a bit.
“I want to go back to the dorms. There’s an enchilada in the refrigerator with my name all over it.”
I say to break the ‘sound barrier’. Tear giggles.
“Isn’t every food item in your dorm reserved for you?”
She asks, pulling my long red hair. I smile.
 “Yeah, pretty much. Except Asch. I don’t want to eat him.”
I say half-heartedly. Asch scoffs at me.
“Stupid dreck. I bet you taste terrible.” he sneers.
“Only as bad as you taste, brother.”
I reply. Worst comeback yet best comeback.
Asch sits there for a while, motionless and speechless.
I told you it was the best comeback.

So pretty soon I’m sitting at the kitchen table of mine and Asch’s dorm, chowing down on a chicken enchilada.
“Say, Asch,” I mutter, my mouth full. I swallow before continuing because talking with your mouth full is disgusting. “when is the Student Council meeting over?”
“I don’t know.” Asch replies, sipping on some tea. “I think it should be over at around-” he looks at the clock on the oven timer. “5:30-ish.”
 “Huh…” I sigh, taking one last bite before my enchilada is gone with the wind. “Anyone you know on the Student Council?”
Asch takes my plate from me and places it in the sink. “Why are you so concerned about the Council all of a sudden?”
 “Dunno. I guess I’m just thinking about Yuan still.”
I reply with a shrug. “I’m worried about him.”
“I’m sure the guy’s right and they’re just going to talk about their problems, maybe work out any hard feelings between the two of them. For some reason they might have some.”
 I bite my lip. “Maybe you’re right.”
“Ay, Luke.” Asch pats me on the shoulder. He never calls me Luke, not even if it’s mandatory. “Don’t worry about it. He’ll be fine, okay?”
 I sigh again, relaxing in my chair. “Sure.”
Asch flashes me a quick smile. He never does that, either.
“Now for the more important matter.” I say.
Asch cocks his head in confusion. “What?” he asks.
 “Did you go to hell and back, because you’re suddenly being nice to me!?!” I shout.
“Oh my. I’m so sorry.” Asch replies sarcastically.
 I shake my head and laugh. “You’re not sorry. Dreck.”
“Who you calling dreck, dreck?” Asch snaps, the kindness vanished from his face.
 “Sheesh, I’m just playing with you. Calm yourself.”
I say with a giggle. “At least you make good enchiladas.”
 “Yeah.” Asch whispers simply. “The enchiladas are all you like about me.”
   “I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.” I pretend to be disturbed, but in reality I feel fine.
 Well, for a while I do.

(DauntlessLukieCake has joined the chat)
DauntlessLukieCake: Hi everyone
DauntlessLukieCake: Any update on Yuan
TokunagaAni: You’re such a stalker,
TokunagaAni: Let him handle it on his own.
ImaFonTechGuy: I’m sure he’s fine, Luke.
FonicallyAwkward: Yeah, don’t worry about it~
NataliaKitten22: If something was wrong we’d already know thanks to Kratos…and Twitter! x3
(Tear342 has joined the chat quite suddenly)
Tear342: Guys…
DauntlessLukieCake: hey Tear
Tear342: Yuan is dead!!!

I drop my phone on the floor in shock, nearly cracking the screen.
 “No!!!” I yell, forgetting I was texting and not talking to my friends.

DauntlessLukieCake: You’re kidding, right??
Smoke+Asches: Oh my
Smoke+Asches: You’ve scared him into punctuation.
Tear342: Would I lie to you?? No!!!
FonicallyAwkward: How’d you find out!??
NataliaKitten22: No one is safe…
Tear342: That’s not true we’re all safe, it’s just Yuan.
Tear342: I was going to the school to get a book from the library. When I passed I saw someone running down the sidewalk. I caught up to them and
Tear342: They said they saw Yuan get killed and someone pushed him off a cliff
DauntlessLukieCake: Ion you’re such an idiot!! I told you we should tweet him or something!!
FonicallyAwkward: You’re the idiot for agreeing with me
FonicallyAwkward: You’re an independent being you can do what you want => E.g.: You’re Divergent. <.-.> dunno
(SyncaroniAndCheese has joined the chat.)
FonicallyAwkward: Sync??
SyncaroniAndCheese: Guys, did you hear about Yuan???
SyncaroniAndCheese: Oh, and hi Ion 
Tear342: I was just telling them about Yuan dying when you joined, Sync!
SyncaroniAndCheese: Yeah…I can’t believe someone would just push a guy off a cliff! What a dickhead.
TokunagaAni: Nice language
DauntlessLukieCake: I’d watch it, Anise, you got a real knack for swearing. XD
SyncaroniAndCheese: How’d you guys hear about it (Tear)
Tear342: I ran into someone on the way to the library
Tear342: They said they saw someone push Yuan off the cliff
FonicallyAwkward: I walked past the cliff earlier and thought I saw two people sunbathing or something
FonicallyAwkward: I hope it wasn’t Yuan and his killer!! D:> #IHadNoIdeaTheyWereDeadBodies
ImaFonTechGuy: I like the # but didn’t you stop to take a closer look??
FonicallyAwkward: I’m going afk to do that right now.
(FonicallyAwkward is now afk)
NataliaKitten22: I hate to change the subject but does anyone else realize that ‘afk’ means ‘away from keyboard’? Shouldn’t there be like an ‘afp’ for ‘away from phone’?
Smoke+Asches: Yeah, but afk is universal for ‘I’ll be right back, bae’.
DauntlessLukieCake: Heya Sync
SyncaroniAndCheese: Yeah?
DauntlessLukieCake: One, I love your username,
SyncaroniAndCheese: Thx ;) I made it up this morning
Tear342: Really?
SyncaroniAndCheese: I had been too busy with perfecting my Song Magic to text xD #ArTonelicoQogaBestGameEver
Smoke+Asches: Reyvateil lover
DauntlessLukieCake: AS I WAS SAYING
DauntlessLukieCake: How did you find out
SyncaroniAndCheese: A little bluebird-
SyncaroniAndCheese: Nah, JK. Genis and I were hanging out after Digital Arts and he told all, says he took a leisurely stroll past the cliff and nearly fell off himself when he saw Yuan there on the ground
DauntlessLukieCake: WAIT
(FonicallyAwkward is no longer afk)
FonicallyAwkward: GUYS!!
FonicallyAwkward: There’s only one body there now!! The others gone!!
DauntlessLukieCake: A: OMG B: Sync you realize only girls can be Reyvateils therefore perfecting Song Magic makes you a girl.
FonicallyAwkward: Sweet we can date now
SyncaroniAndCheese: I must have forgot to say I was practicing…on the piano
SyncaroniAndCheese: Srry Ion #SympathyHug?
FonicallyAwkward: My username really suits me right now #AcceptanceThanks Especially the ‘awkward’ part
Smoke+Asches: Whose body was there? I hope not Yuan’s??
FonicallyAwkward: Yeah, Yuan’s. :I
DauntlessLukieCake: You can’t be serious
FonicallyAwkward: I wouldn’t lie about something so freaky man
FonicallyAwkward: Although this’ll make a sexy story for the school paper, I wish it had never happened.
NataliaKitten22: Do u think they’ll let us off school to hold vigil for Yuan??
ImaFonTechGuy: Maybe only Kratos
TokunagaAni: Or just the Symphonia kiddos
FonicallyAwkward: I’m gonna need some serious overdose of gummy bears to clear this from my mind
TokunagaAni: Don’t give yourself diabetes
TokunagaAni: I’ll cry .-.
SyncaroniAndCheese: Plus you’ll be ugly
FonicallyAwkward: Wasn’t I already
SyncaroniAndCheese: You really are awkward, man!
DauntlessLukieCake: Well awkward Fon Masters and diabetes aside, we’ve got a murder on our hands.
Smoke+Asches: I hate to say it, but he’s right.
DauntlessLukieCake: Thank you my loyal assistant
DauntlessLukieCake: Sherlock Holmes greatly appreciates your contribution to science and NCIS.
TokunagaAni: How can you be so calm??
TokunagaAni: My mothers tittles mc skittles are actually quite calm thank you very much
SyncaroniAndCheese: I need to IM more often. I’m really missing out on all the fun.
ImaFonTechGuy: You need to get Jade and Saphir in on the action! Do it, Syncaroni!
DauntlessLukieCake: Guy you’ve been awfully quiet
DauntlessLukieCake: You ever got in a fight with Yuan??
Tear342: Luke, stop it
Tear342: Just because he hasn’t said anything doesn’t mean you can pin this whole case on him.
ImaFonTechGuy: Yeah I’ve actually been writing down the evidence on my whiteboard and seeing if I can come up with a conclusion to this.
ImaFonTechGuy: So far I’m getting nowhere because my phone keeps vibrating with texts
ImaFonTechGuy: Thank you very much.
Smoke+Asches: TGIF
Smoke+Asches: Anybody know what time it is?

I look up from my phone and back out to the lock screen. When I call it back up I see it’s 9:36 at night.

DauntlessLukieCake: It’s 9:36 PM
Tear342: 9:36
ImaFonTechGuy: Too busy to look at the clock sorry
FonicallyAwkward: 21:36
SyncaroniAndCheese: It’s party time bruh
TokunagaAni: It’s time for the gypsies to come out and abduct the little children/Gailardia.
ImaFonTechGuy: You’re a gypsy Anise
NataliaKitten22: Leave it to Anise to ruin your childhood
NataliaKitten22: PS It’s 9:24
Smoke+Asches: Nat you need to fix your clock.
Smoke+Asches: It’s demented.
DauntlessLukieCake: Like Mrs. Tatlin’s tittles mc skittles
FonicallyAwkward: Really???
DauntlessLukieCake: Guys my phone is about to die
DauntlessLukieCake: So I’m gonna hit the hay anyways.
Tear342: Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night
ImaFonTechGuy: May the force be with you Luke Skywalker
FonicallyAwkward: Good night sleep tight don’t let the Fonons bite
SyncaroniAndCheese: Go with the blessings of Frelia
NataliaKitten22: Watch out for bicycles
Smoke+Asches: Goodnight everyone
Smoke+Asches: Luke, I need to talk to you before you go to bed so don’t go straight to sleep, k?
TokunagaAni: And the Great Pumpkin will rise out of the pumpkin patch on Halloween Eve and bring presents to all the good little boys and girls that excludes Gailardia.
ImaFonTechGuy: Thanks
DauntlessLukieCake: Goodnight everyone
DauntlessLukieCake: Pray for each other :)
DauntlessLukieCake: Because I don’t want what happened to Yuan to happen to you. You’re all my best friends :) :)
(DauntlessLukieCake has left the chat.)

With a sorrowful sigh I turn off my tPhone and toss it somewhere without really caring whether my screen cracked or not. I shuffle into Asch’s room and greet him half-heartedly.
 “Hey, Luke.” he says in reply. “I just wanted to say I’m sorry, you know, for always being so mean to you.”
I freeze in place, startled. “You’re s-sorry…?” I echo.
“Mm-hm. I’ll try to be nicer to you from now on.”
Asch nods. “Why?” I ask.

“Because if you end up in Yuan’s place, I want you to know I do care about you.”

We both stare at each other for a moment, still in our school clothes, half-asleep for the most part.
“Thanks, Asch.” I mutter, managing a weak smile. “I’m sorry I annoy you so much.”

“So we’re all good now? No hard feelings?”
Asch extends his hand for me to shake.
“No hard feelings,” I reply with a grin, taking up his offer.
He pulls me into a hug as soon as we shake on it.

“Don’t you dare go off and die like Yuan, you hear me?”
He says as we hug. I relax my shoulders.
 “I won’t,” I whimper, begging for air. Asch lets me go.
“Goodnight, DauntlessLukieCake.”
“See you later, Smoke+Asches.”

The minute I crawl into bed,
I am engulfed in total darkness,
And a dream I wish I could wake up from
Before it even starts.

Finished on 9/19/14 at 10:04 PM 
Tales of University: Chapter One - It Begins
Here it is, Chapter one! I know I gave you no notice that this was gonna be made, but here it is!
I hope you like it, please excuse Luke and Anise's language.

Oh, and in case you didn't know, these are the people the usernames are assigned to:

DauntlessLukieCake = Luke
Smoke+Asches = Asch
TokunagaAni = Anise
FonicallyAwkward = Ion
ImaFonTechGuy = Guy
SyncaroniAndCheese = Sync
NataliaKitten22 = Natalia
Tear342 = Tear

I think that's it...
So, without further ado...

***EDIT 10-6-14:: The first day is Thursday night. Day two is Friday. ETC. Sorry for the inconvenience!! ;^;
I'm pretty sure it's supposed to say Christmas is coming, not October.
Well, I'm back at the library again! And I have some wooooonderful news!!!
On Saturday I went to GameStop and got me some Tales of the Abyss and Tales of Symphonia Chronicles
I'm so proud of meeself!!
If you beat Arietta on the rooftops of Choral Castle already PLEASE TELL ME YOUR SECRETS ;^; I'm stuck
And on ToS2 Which I am madly in love with, I can't beat that stupid sadist Alice at Asgard.
Not sure if Tales of hates me or just a bad gamer.
So I basically sat around and did nothing.
It looks like it's gonna rain heckfire outside so I can't wait for that.
Seriously, makes me think of METHOD_REPLEKIA_. Aggh.
I have nothing to talk about, other than Tales of University Chapters 2 and 3 are OUUUUUUT!! Woop woop!!
I worked so so hard on them!
Chapter 1 has some MAJOR EDITS so if you read it already plz go back and reread to make more sense of it.
Also, some of you said the IMing/texting was annoying and I have to agree (Sadly) but it contains a lot of evidence leading to the murderer. Sorry.
Emil was here since I keep saying sorry...

Better stop before I die.
I just saw lightning.
Woo hoo.
I gotta feeling that tonights gonna be a good/dauntless night.

Best wishes from Tenebrae as always. Have a happy Icktober thanks to that stupid respiratory virus in 42/50 states here in Kickass Country.
Or at least Ar Ciel.

Happy/IDK Monday!
  ~Lombaxpuppy/Ratatosk/Emil/Ion/Luke/Mieu/Lloyd the Great/Colettie/Martmart/this is getting nowhere
(P.S>>> I have become a shipper thanks to ToA and ToS2. Thanks a lot for ruining my childhood(?)
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